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By May 19, 2014Community

We really do love our hometown. There are some major downsides to it (primarily the lack of burger joints) but it’s also a cool place to grow up, to work and to live. Somewhere where your identity is earned and not given.

We were approached by We Love Merthyr, an organisation representing the interests of businesses and other key stakeholders of Merthyr Tydfil. They commissioned us to make 3 campaigns, all to coincide with the national Love Your Market initiative.

Filming the traders of the indoor and outdoor markets meant many early starts. We only had camera and sound equipment to transport from the office along the short distance to the location. Many of the traders, particularly the outdoor market ones, started much earlier; the latest start we heard was 5am, the earliest 3.

St Tydfil Indoor Market

It was clear these guys work hard and we didn’t want to trivialise that. Many of these men and women have worked on the market their whole lives, often the job is passed from their parent, in the blood. We were glad that We Love Merthyr shared our ideals. They let us tell the true story of these people with the aim of attracting more customers.

By showing all the facts we were able to form an emotional bond with the audience, appealing to their sense of pride, their empathy for a hard working individual and the consumers right to good quality service.

Merthyr Market – Your Local Market

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