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By March 12, 2015Conferences

While it’s our job to ensure that you can be seen and heard when it comes to the AV side of things, there are a few things it’s worth being aware of if you’d like to look and sound your best!

1: If You’re Wearing Black You’ll Blend into the Back!

Yes it is true what they say, black is slimming, but the floating severed head look is one that it’s usually best to avoid!

2: Keep it Light!

Light is your friend, granted it can be a rather hot and uncomfortable friend, but stick with it, you look wonderful together.

3: Kick the Bottle!

No, we’re not implying you have a problem, in fact we fully endorse regular hydration, but keeping your bottle atop the podium may result in your face being obscured, and we don’t want to miss that beautiful smile!

4: Stick to your Resolution!

Time is of the essence, so letting ourselves and the venue staff know what screen res. you’re using will help keep turnaround times at a minimum (whilst also making sure your images don’t appear unflattering!).

5: Hands off the Screen!

It may seem mean not to allow a gentle caress of the screen every now and again, but trust us, it’s for the best in the long run. Touching the screen can not only cause it to move, but it can also produce issues when it comes to the edit.

6: Check your Neck!
Jewellery may be essential for you MCs out on the street, but long items worn around the neck may assault our mics (and ears!), so please be aware of anything that may clash with the lapel mic.


We’ll be pushing more tips next week, but if you’ve got any of your own then share them below!

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