Sony A7 Series

By February 9, 2016Kit

We’ve gone all 4K and it’s beautiful.
Sony A7

After deliberating between two great cameras, comparing the pros and cons of each, we decided to invest in both the Sony A7RII and the Sony A7SII. Both cameras shoot a maximum video resolution of 4K, that means we’re pretty much future proof (or safe for a few months).

The diminuitive cameras may look like your old compact that’s lingering away in a drawer somewhere but these really are compact high-end production cameras.

For Clients

This means you’ve got something on top of your competition. 4K streaming options are really kicking off in 2016, YouTube and Vimeo are both allowing users to stream in 4K and downscale to HD. Even if you choose to distribute your video in HD, shooting in 4K allows you to future proof your video for a few years. We’ve all left a promotional video on YouTube because the maximum resolution was 360p, now your video can live on in years to come.

For Filmmakers

This section should really be for filmmakers and photographers since these cameras are a great hybrid of both. The whopping  42mp A7RII allows for huge prints or tight crops. While the A7SII allows you to shoot in almost pitch black conditions. Shooters beware, you’ll need to remap many a function to a custom button as the basic layout is too convoluted (the record button is ridiculously hard to press), plus you’re going to need a lot of extra storage to deal with the 42mp uncompressed RAW on the A7RII as the file sizes can reach 250mb.



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