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By May 9, 2014Community

Well that was fun! We’ve been so busy over the last two weeks since our first Creative Meetup that we haven’t had time to share the success story that was the night. There was singing, drinking, debate but most importantly a willingness from everyone to do more in the community.

We’ve got a lot more planned and we’re eager to involve many of the people we met in the planning and delivery. Thanks to all of you that contributed ideas for public art in Merthyr Tydfil. We’ll be forwarding your responses to Celfwaith; the organisation tasked with developing Merthyr Tydfil’s public art strategy.

Many thanks to all the insightful speakers, dunkie for his beautiful music and all the wonderful helpers for going the extra mile.

Here’s a few tweets from the night and below that a selection of super cool lego creations:


We can’t do it all again, if you want to be involved or have any ideas then please email

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