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By February 25, 2016Community


We’ve recently moved into Hwyl Hub, a co-working space in the centre of Merthyr Tydfil. In fact we didn’t just move in, we pitched in and help make the place our own. Prior to Hwyl we’d been office hopping and working from home offices. There was nothing that really served our needs.

Lyn from Kreelicious¬†was really instrumental in the move. After a series of pub based creative meet ups, we decided a permanent and less beer soaked space was needed; a space that was as productive as it was enjoyable. We then stumbled upon a few other like minded freelancers, Ideashed (who designed our logo/brand), Darren from Red Kite Design and Steven from George + Co. All of us wanted to continue working within Merthyr Tydfil, avoid the city overheads and collaborate on projects. Collaboration has been the driving force of the Hwyl project, it isn’t just an office space, it’s a curated space designed to make stuff happen in a post-industrial town, or as our newly commissioned graffiti states, get shit done.

For AOTV this means access to shared resources like the meeting room, projectors, fast fibre and a custom built coffee bar (personal favourite). Hopefully this will also prove the same for creative’s in the surrounding areas, low costs and a creative environment.

So if you’re near pop in for a coffee!

Hwyl Hub,
Ty Kier Hardie,
Riverside Court,
Merthyr Tydfil,
CF47 8LD


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